Saturday, March 25, 2006


" For if one seed heralds the forest, and a droplet the ocean, and one grain the desert,
then the slightest deed can proliferate beyond knowing"

Name: K.B.Chandra Raj

Place of Birth: Sentul, Malaysia (F.M.S.)
Original Home: Jaffna, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Name of spouse: Siva Chandra Raj
Place of Birth: Colombo, Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Family Profile:

Daughter: Gaitri married to Richard Vermeij; with their son Deeran,resident in " Twin Towers" San Francisco, California.
Son: Girisha married to Sarah Stanczak. With their daughter Neela resident in Yardley, Pennsylvania.

Countries visited: Sierra Leone. Liberia. Eritrea. France. the Netherlands. Germany. Australia. Switzerland. Italy. United Kingdom. New Zealand, Spain, Canada among others.

The country I liked most: Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Where a day is 24 hours longer. People shamble in and shuffle out of their workplaces. Where no one is in a hurry because there is no where to go, very little to buy with much less means. Where the Atlantic ocean cavorts with the Lion Mountain - Sierra- Leone -as the nubile nymphs of old did with Lord Krishna in the gardens of Brindabhan.
It sounds sacrilegious when Sierra Leone is referred to, as some did in days of yore as - " the white man's grave."

The country I disliked most: Monrovia, Liberia.
Where no prospect is pleasing and man is worse than vile ; the cop wily and corrupt - curse him (sotto voce) when he kisses your dollar. " When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, when he is worst, he is a little better than a beast"

Practiced long before American Airlines preached... " Live a little - Travel a lot"

Interest: Reading and Politics - local and International


Attained high level of proficiency in:

Table Tennis. Badminton. Cricket. Soccer.

Occupation: Retired... Killing Time before Time kills me.

Current residence: Connecticut, U.S.A.

Why this blog ? Its the Psychology of Optimal Experience:

Best explained by Erica Jong:

" The Psychology of Optimal Experience or the flow state, is characterized by the suspension of the sense of time, the obliteration of self-consciousness and the feeling that we are doing something for its own sake and not for its outcome."... which is its own reward.

And yet Martial epigrammatically tempers the above altruistic sentiment with a dose of realism with:

" He writes nothing whose writings are not read."


A quizzical, whimsical, a near inscrutable, albeit polite, what-on-earth- expression would crawl on the faces of my friends, ten out of ten times when I say to them, " click on BACK-HAND FLICK"

The back-hand flick is a stroke in Table Tennis. You draw your opponent close to the table all the time watching and waiting for the right bounce and then when you feel sure you got the ball where you wanted it and the bounce you have been waiting for you then whip the ball into your opponent's body. The point is yours.