Monday, December 17, 2007

Let's Remember

They marched to our drumbeat
Jigged to our every tune,
Nursed us at infancy,
Nurtured us through many moons,
They winced at our pain,
They wailed over our woes;
Unrewarded they departed
Like foot soldiers of old.

Some we met by chance, some by choice
They touched our hearts and graced our lives.
Like the moon and the stars from dusk light up our nights
At dawn sans a cheer fade out of sight
These friends who by candor and comport mellowed us all
Have been called to that sublime abode of no recall.

Families saddened by separation stoking
flickering memories of bygone days,
Sorrowing homes once filled with frolic and laughter
pray the tide just once more turns in their favor,
Ailing elders in monastic isolation
Measuring out time, here now what hereafter

Kids in shelters dressed in our discards
hold in their hands the cosmic cards
No Ace, no King, no Queen. Not even a Jack;
Teary eyed and trembling hands they wonder
Yonder in High Heavens, Why O Why
Has he turned his back ?

So amidst the merry din of dizzy glasses
Above the babel of flippant banter
As the seconds race towards the zeo hour
Betwixt unborn tomorrow and dead yeasterday
Like fountains hopes rise for another new year;
Dancers are holding hands for the band
To strike their favorite number
Dance till dawn if you wish, kick your cares away,
Pray, pause awhile, on this day in December,
Lets Remember.

Composed by K.B. Chandra Raj


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